Countries Having Experienced at Least one Coup d’État During Their Status as a U.S. Client State

(see the book, pp. 170 and 276n72 for more information)


Country Coup
Afghanistan Yes
Antigua and Barbuda No
Argentina No
Australia No
Austria No
Bahamas No
Bahrain No
Barbados No
Belgium No
Belize No
Bolivia Yes
Bosnia Yes
Brazil Yes
Cambodia Yes
Canada No
Chile Yes
China No
Colombia Yes
Congo (Zaire) Yes
Costa Rica Yes
Cuba Yes
Denmark No
Dominica No
Dominican Republic Yes
Ecuador Yes
Egypt No
El Salvador Yes
Ethiopia Yes
France No
Ghana Yes
Greece Yes
Grenada Yes
Guatemala Yes
Guyana No
Haiti Yes
Hawaii Yes
Honduras Yes
Iceland No
Indonesia Yes
Iran Yes
Iraq Yes
Israel No
Italy No
Jamaica No
Japan No
Jordan No
Kuwait No
Laos No
Lebanon No
Liberia Yes
Luxembourg No
Macedonia No
Malaysia No
Marshall Islands No
Mexico No
Micronesia No
Netherlands No
New Zealand No
Nicaragua Yes
Norway No
Oman No
Pakistan Yes
Palau No
Panama Yes
Paraguay Yes
Peru Yes
Philippines Yes
Poland No
Portugal Yes
Qatar No
Saint Kitts and Nevis No
Saint Lucia No
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines No
Saudi Arabia No
Singapore No
South Korea Yes
South Vietnam Yes
Spain No
Sweden No
Taiwan No
Thailand Yes
Trinidad and Tobago No
Tunisia No
Turkey Yes
United Arab Emirates No
United Kingdom No
Uruguay Yes
Venezuela Yes
West Germany (Germany) No